How to Send a Mock Phishing Attack with ThreatSim

ThreatSim is a Saas-based, simulated phishing attack tool that helps you get a step ahead of hackers by helping your employees recognize potentially dangerous behaviors.  Our tools are easy to use and have effective results.

Upload Users

Quickly upload users in bulk via a CSV, and organize by departments, division, title, etc. through our intuitive drag and drop interface.

Upload users for ThreatSim Attack Simulation

Decide What Type of Campaign to Run

Choose from Data Entry, Drive By, or Attachment campaigns.

Choose Simulated Phishing Campaign Type

Create Campaign

Use one of our email templates, or create your own with our WYSIWYG editor.

Create ThreatSim Phishing Attack Simulation Campaign

Launch Campaign

Users who fall for a mock phishing attack will receive a unique Teachable Moment - just-in-time teaching that lets the user know what they did wrong and sets the stage for future training.  (Multiple Teachable Moment Styles are available)

Launch ThreatSim Phishing Attack Simulation

Understand Your Risk

Get comprehensive details on who clicked your mock-attacks, what they did and where they did it from.

Understand your end-user risk


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