Stop Phishing Emails Before They Reach End Users

Our purpose-built PhishPatrol® anti-phishing filter can enhance your organization’s email security by catching more phishing messages than leading email filters alone. Designed to complement leading anti-spam/anti-virus email software, PhishPatrol allows organizations to catch many of the phishing emails that pass through current filters — with a near-zero rate of false positives.


Added Protection Against a Dangerous Threat

Phishing attacks are a pervasive and costly problem. Scammers are showing no signs of slowing down these attacks — and they won’t, as long as they continue to have success. As attacks become more sophisticated and more tempting to end users, it’s clear that a multi-pronged approach of email filtering, mock phishing attacks, and anti-phishing training offer the most effective defense against these threats.

With our sophisticated PhishPatrol email filter, you can prevent the majority of dangerous messages from reaching your employee base. Though currently available filters are excellent at targeting spam, many are far less effective at identifying phishing emails. By narrowing that gap, you can quickly and efficiently cut down on the number of threats your employees will face.


Key Benefits of PhishPatrol

  • Cutting-edge predictive technology – PhishPatrol is highly responsive and can identify phishing attacks in real-time, also known as zero-hour attacks. The additional data stored about these attacks can be exported and analyzed by your organization.
  • Intelligent filtering – The amount of false positives with PhishPatrol is extremely low. There’s no need to worry that legitimate emails will be quarantined.
  • Machine learning functionality – PhishPatrol actually gets better at identifying phishing emails over time. It scans thousands of real phishing attacks from the wild every week to learn about and guard against increasingly sophisticated phishing techniques, including spear phishing attacks.
  • Faster scanning – Unlike many email filtering solutions, PhishPatrol is built to scan emails in under 1 second. New email arrives quickly to your end users with little perceptible lag in your system.
  • Actionable reporting capabilities – PhishPatrol offers a full reporting suite to measure progress over time. You’ll be able to identify the most common phishing emails, export phishing email information, and view varying levels of detail about phishing attacks.
  • Hardware-free implementation – PhishPatrol is a software-based solution that can be installed as a virtual machine image on a local computer or deployed through your choice of cloud provider as a service instance. Activation and configuration wizards guide you through the setup process, and all settings can be monitored and adjusted using our web-based PhishPatrol management console.

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