Keeping Security Top-of-Mind for Your Employees

Wombat Security customers are creating a culture of security awareness within their organizations by using ongoing awareness and reinforcement techniques — and you can too. Our Security Awareness Materials help you make the most of your efforts by encouraging users to think and talk about cybersecurity best practices. Use these materials to consistently emphasize good behaviors and reduce your vulnerability to attack.

Security Awareness Materials: Introduce, Remind, Reinforce

Security Awareness Materials Wombat Security

Our portfolio of Security Awareness Materials includes a wide selection of videos, posters, images, and articles that are designed to make cybersecurity an ongoing topic of conversation with your end users.

We make a clear distinction between awareness and education activities, and we encourage our customers to include both within their security awareness and training programs. That’s why we’ve expanded our Security Awareness Materials portfolio to support awareness and training initiatives.

Our new Awareness Video Campaigns are a great way to introduce your employees to the importance of security awareness training and remind them that simple changes to their daily routines can make a difference. Our training-related Education Materials reinforce the key principles taught within our training modules, which allows you to emphasize best practices and improve knowledge retention. 

Awareness Video Campaigns

Security Awareness Materials Wombat Security

A great way to introduce your employee base to security awareness and training initiatives — and create ongoing conversations — is via awareness campaigns. We provide the tools you need to create a viral moment within your organization, and quickly bring awareness to a new level.

Our brief, high-level Awareness Video Campaigns are designed to bring a “lighter side” to cybersecurity. Available in different themes, our professionally produced videos offer a creative, attention-grabbing way to introduce end users to the idea of security training as you are planning your program launch. They can also be used at regular intervals throughout your program to keep users thinking and talking about security.

Companion posters and images — which use design elements and key messages from the videos — can be placed around your organization to further enhance your awareness initiatives and keep the conversation going. Use images to create signs, giveaways, screensavers, and other visual elements to round out your campaign.

When you license our Awareness Video Campaigns, you will receive video and design files for unlimited use. You can add custom wrapper content to the beginning and end of each video; incorporate logos and other company-specific information on the posters; and use the images to create campaign elements that will resonate within your organization.

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Education Materials: Posters, Images, and Articles

In addition to our Awareness Video Campaigns, we offer Education Materials, a series of posters, images, and articles that are designed to reinforce your education initiatives.

These posters and images mimic the look and feel of our training modules, which helps to create visual continuity from one medium to another. There is also a continuity of content, as the posters reference the best practices users are taught during training, and the articles go into the same topics in more detail (while still keeping an end-user audience in mind).

When you license our Education Materials, you gain access to more than 50 posters, images, and articles:

  • The posters are available in two sizes (11 in. x 17 in. and 24 in. x 36 in.), and they can be printed via our online portal or downloaded for local printing and targeted use. We recommend displaying the pieces throughout your organization — particularly in common areas — as your users complete their training assignments. 
  • Images can be downloaded at a 1024 x 768 resolution. You can incorporate them into screen savers as daily reminders at the desktop and/or add to electronic message boards, intranets, and other visual media.
  • Our purpose-written articles can be downloaded from our portal. They are ideal additions to company newsletters and can also be added to intranets, employee email alerts, and other communications.

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How We're Different

  • Our offering is reasonably priced and allows for unlimited use of content for the length of your license.
  • Awareness Video Campaigns are delivered to you electronically for your local use. Once you receive the files, you can add wrapper content to the start and close of each video, and customize the posters and images to include your logo and other company-specific content.
  • Our easy-to-use online portal gives you access to our Education Materials, and these training-related posters, images, and articles are available for direct download or professional printing. When ordering prints, you can customize pieces with your logo, select quantities, and have items delivered directly to your location(s).
  • Our Education Materials are available in more than 15 languages, so multinational organizations can reinforce best practices in offices around the globe. Translations of our Awareness Video Campaign materials are forthcoming.
  • If you have questions, a portal support specialist will walk you through the Education Materials ordering process.