Security Dashboards

Dynamic Business Intelligence for Security Awareness Training Programs

Security Dashboards

Dynamic Business Intelligence for Security Awareness Training Programs

Get the granular and high-level visibility you need into your employees’ interactions with assessments, simulated attacks, and training assignments. Our full-featured reporting capabilities allow you to benchmark, track, and trend user knowledge; evaluate progress; and gauge ROI. You can use our security dashboards to easily filter data, compare assessments, quickly add and remove measures, and more.

You can also download and export data to share business intelligence with other stakeholders, perform more detailed analysis, and evaluate metrics alongside other security events. Our Automated Reporting feature streamlines the export process, allowing you to schedule automatic delivery of reports at regular intervals to yourself and designated stakeholders within your organization.

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Plan Your Cybersecurity Education Program with Confidence

Our security dashboards help you focus on the areas, topics, and best practices that will benefit you most, so you can reduce security risks and improve decision-making across all levels of your organization. We offer in-depth reporting features for all products within our Security Education Platform, a learning management system (LMS) that is purpose-built for infosec professionals.

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Achieve Measurable Results with Our Continuous Training Methodology

Reporting is an essential element in our Assess, Educate, Reinforce, Measure methodology, which enables ongoing improvement and drives measurable behavior change. Customers who have applied this approach to security awareness training have been able to reduce successful phishing attacks and malware infections by up to 90%.

Our Methodology

Reports by Product

ThreatSim Phishing Simulations

Our ThreatSim® Phishing Simulations allow you to assess your organization’s vulnerability to malicious link-based, attachment-based, and data entry-based emails without exposing your network to an actual attack. You can deliver a Teachable Moment to each user who interacts with a simulated attack, raising awareness in the moment and setting the stage for follow-up training.

Our robust reporting capabilities allow you to thoroughly examine and compare the results of your phishing tests and view campaign data in multiple formats to give you a high-level view of your efforts as well as granular insights. Administrators can tailor reports to include specific campaigns, time ranges, and/or campaign types; save different data views; export to multiple formats (including .xls, .csv, and .pdf) for additional analysis and sharing; and more.

ThreatSim business intelligence features allow you to track and analyze the results of individual and multiple simulated phishing campaigns. You’ll have access to a variety of valuable metrics:

  • Open rates and click rates
  • Time-to-click, open, and report
  • Users who enter data on data entry phishing assessments
  • Users who interact with multiple phishing assessments
  • Types of devices, operating systems, and browsers used by employees who fell for mock attacks
  • Worldwide mapping of user activity
  • Data related to the optional Weak Network Egress feature, which can identify users whose PCs have out-of-date browser plug-ins and permissive egress rules
  • Users who acknowledged viewing the Teachable Moment

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PhishAlarm and PhishAlarm Analyzer

Our PhishAlarm email reporting tool is included with our ThreatSim Phishing Simulations, and this email client add-in allows employees to report suspicious messages to your security and incident response teams with a single mouse click.

PhishAlarm Analyzer is an optional add-on for PhishAlarm, and this cloud-based analysis utilizes machine learning to categorize and prioritize the emails reported via PhishAlarm, which enables faster remediation of the most dangerous threats on your network.

PhishAlarm and PhishAlarm Analyzer reports give you access to the following information:

  • The users who reported emails
  • The types of emails reported (potential phish vs. simulated attacks)
  • The number and types of reported threats identified over time (hours, day, weeks, months, quarters)

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CyberStrength Knowledge Assessments

Our CyberStrength Knowledge Assessments give you the ability to assess end-user understanding of a range of pertinent cybersecurity topics, including phishing and social engineering attacks, password best practices, mobile device safeguards, and more. Administrators can build knowledge assessments using our library of 150+ questions, create their own custom questions, and choose from ten Predefined CyberStrength options that help to streamline the administrative process.

CyberStrength reports give you an at-a-glance view of strengths and weaknesses and allow you to tailor follow-up training efforts to address the most important topics in different areas of your organization. These security awareness reports allow you to review key factors related to your assessments, including the following:

  • Individual, group, and overall scores
  • Benchmarking data that compares your users’ scores to other end users around the world
  • Scores by topic/category
  • Most missed questions
  • Completion status

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ThreatSim Smishing and USB Simulations

Our ThreatSim Smishing and USB Simulations can help you gauge your employees’ understanding of the dangers associated with SMS/text phishing and USB-based attacks. These unique assessments can protect your corporate systems from malware, spyware, and other dangerous software.

Both of these services are managed by the Wombat Support team in coordination with you and/or your program administrator(s). However, reporting features are always accessible to your organization as your licensed service progresses, which means you’ll have ready visibility into the following:

  • Users who fell for a simulated smishing attack, and those who viewed or clicked the message
  • The number of USB devices that were accessed and the IP addresses of the users who fell for the simulated USB drop
  • The number of unique responses per USB device planted in your location

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Interactive Training Modules

We offer a library of more than 35 training modules about a wide range of cybersecurity and compliance-related topics. Education is critical to behavior change, and we design our interactive modules based on industry-proven Learning Science Principles to deliver training that engages end users, imparts actionable knowledge, and improves overall security postures. Customizable Training Jackets allow you to insert content specific to your organization as well as policy acknowledgements and training completion certificates.

Our business intelligence features and security dashboards allow you to go well beyond “completed/not completed” tracking and get more detailed, actionable metrics related to your training assignments. Many reports offer the option to filter by module, date, assignment, and/or custom user property to allow you to find exactly the data you need to make an action plan for your users. You’ll have access to the following data within our LMS:

  • Comprehensive and granular views of assignment details, including user-level and module-level statistics
  • Average scores for each training assignment
  • Most-missed questions within modules
  • Policy acknowledgement rates
  • Dashboard-like view of top individual performers, completion progress, and best-performing departments
  • Side-by-side comparisons of up to 25 assignments

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Education Triggers

Our patented Education Triggers solution allows you to seamlessly deliver education at the desktop, effectively marrying your endpoint and end-user remediation efforts. This product is currently available for Wombat customers who also utilize Carbon Black Enterprise Response, an advanced endpoint threat detection and response solution that identifies (among other issues) end users who have received emails with, or downloaded, potentially dangerous files, as well as users who are exhibiting potentially risky online behaviors.

By integrating Wombat’s security awareness training tools with their scans, dangerous actions become Education Triggers. Organizations can use this joint solution to sense and interrupt risky employee actions, and then deliver Teachable Moments to lower their overall cybersecurity risk. We measure actions in terms of “triggers,” “hits,” and “responses”:

  • Trigger = a user behavior (e.g., accessing a public cloud sharing service like Dropbox)
  • Hit = a single instance of a trigger (e.g., accessing Dropbox once)
  • Response = the Teachable Moment sent in following a certain number of hits to a specific trigger, based on a threshold set by the administrator (e.g., if a user accesses Dropbox three times, a Teachable Moment is sent to the user)

Our reporting features give you access to the following data points:

  • The total number of hits across all users and triggers
  • Number of hits and responses sent to users
  • Detailed insights into the Carbon Black information generated by the hit

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Comprehensive Reporting for In-Depth Analysis

Right from the start Wombat's team was with us the entire implementation. We were in constant contact for all of the steps needed in order to complete the implementation. We make use of the managed services which is great due to our lack of resources. We love the reporting and I make use of it every month.

Director of Information Security and Compliance | Finance Industry

Wombat's support for multiple languages is particularly useful for our multicultural company, and we appreciate that the extensive reporting functionalities allow us to track our efforts and communicate metrics to our stakeholders.

Roberto Huber | Advisory Security Officer | Avalaq Sourcing (Switzerland & Liechtenstein) SA

Wombat Security: A Leading Behavior-Change Company

Continuous Training Methodology based on proven Learning Science Principles

Founded in 2008 based on research at Carnegie Mellon University

A leader for four consecutive years in the Gartner Magic Quadrant

Global customer base, including many Fortune 500 companies

Wombat Security: A Leading Behavior-Change Company

Continuous Training Methodology based on proven Learning Science Principles

Founded in 2008 based on research at Carnegie Mellon University

A leader for four consecutive years in the Gartner Magic Quadrant

Global customer base, including many Fortune 500 companies