The Wombat Security Education Platform

Our Security Education Platform is an integrated Saas-based platform that delivers the Wombat products that you select as part of your customized security awareness and training program. From knowledge assessments and mock phishing attacks, to scheduling interactive training, running reports and reviewing dashboards – our Security Education Platform allows you to easily run and monitor your program all from one place. Access all of the components of our Continuous Training Methodology that has been shown to reduce successful phishing attacks and malware infections up to 90%, and take advantage of our market-leading features outlined below.

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Platform Features

Security awareness programs have a lot of moving parts.  We allow you to choose the specific knowledge assessments, simulated attacks, interactive training modules, and Security Awareness Materials that will work for you and add them to your own personalized Security Education Platform.

With other providers, you are forced to move between several different tools and have to piece together results.  In the Security Education Platform, you are able to upload your users, choose the type of assessment(s) you would like to run, automatically enroll end users into training and then review results.

Our robust reports allow you to track your employees’ interactions with our CyberStrength®, ThreatSim®, SmishGuru®, and USBGuru® assessments, and our interactive training modules.

Our exportable reports help you focus on the areas, topics, and best practices that will benefit you the most, enabling you to reduce security risks and improve decision-making across all levels of your organization.

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Our platform is built around our engaging, interactive content, but it also gives you multiple opportunities to incorporate your brand and customize your message. From a brand perspective, you can upload your corporate logo to the platform for all admins and end users to see, as well as place your logo on our Security Awareness Materials.

We also give you the option to use customized content. You can:

  • Add your own questions to our portfolio of CyberStrength® knowledge assessments
  • Create content and templates for our ThreatSim® and SmishGuru® mock phishing and SMS/text attacks
  • Customize the messages delivered through our Teachable Moments, which are presented to users who fall for simulated attacks
  • Personalize and customize content to the start and close of each interactive training module, including policy acknowledgements and completion certificates with our Training Jackets

We understand the global nature of business, and we make it easy for administrators to deliver assessments and training in more than 25 languages. In addition to easy administration of multiple languages in your security awareness and training program, your end users can self-select the language that they would like to take training in from a simple drop-down in our streamlined platform.

Visit our Multinational Offering page for a full list of available translations.

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Wombat was first to market with this time-saving feature that allows you to automatically assign follow-up training to anyone who falls for a ThreatSim® mock phishing attack, or Predefined CyberStrength knowledge assessment. While you can still assign training to everyone, Auto-Enrollment allows you to deliver targeted training to your most susceptible end users quickly. This approach can dramatically improve the efficiency of your program and engage those who need the most attention.

To help your team save time, we give you standard templates for email communications with your end users, including messages related to new users, new passwords, new assignments, assignment completions, and assignment reminders. You can use our standard templates or fully customize the content of the emails. Our Support Team can set up your account so the emails come from your corporate email domain.

Security Education Platform training modules that have been assigned to end users are automatically ordered at the top of the page according to their requested completion dates. Using our administrative tools, it’s easy to hide other interactive training modules so employees can focus on their current assignments.

Organizations have the option to add two-factor authentication for all platform administrators. This feature, which can be enabled by Wombat Support upon customer request, adds an extra layer of security and helps to ensure that only authorized individuals can access administrative functions and data.

On the user security side, administrators can limit password reuse and automatically lock out user accounts with too many failed login attempts, which helps organizations improve security and reinforce policies. In addition, administrators can preset lockout time frames for dormant accounts, which simplifies account management and improves security.

Administrators can also customize password management within the platform to match their own company policies. This allows for continuity and consistency across platforms used by employees, reinforcing best practices.

This feature spreads out and randomizes the distribution of mock phishing emails to minimize the impact to your email servers and IT helpdesk. This function also reduces the chances that employees will figure out — and discuss — the mock attacks, which helps to preserve the integrity of your phishing data.

Our mobile-responsive modules conform to the U.S. Section 508 standard and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA standard, which ensures that these modules can be accessed and completed by end users with disabilities.


The Wombat Advantage

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