Security Awareness Training

The Foundation of Your Security Awareness and Training Program

The Wombat Security Education Platform is purpose-built to deliver comprehensive security awareness and training that can be effectively and easily managed by you and your administrators. This integrated platform gives you access to the key components of our Assess, Educate, Reinforce, Measure methodology. You can customize and send knowledge assessments and mock attacks…schedule interactive training assignments…run reports and measure results…communicate with your employees…and more.

Having this tight integration between knowledge assessments, mock attacks, training, and reporting puts you on the fast track to risk reduction. You could see significant results in just a few months, which you can continue to improve upon over the life of your security awareness and training program. Our customers have reduced successful phishing attacks and malware infections by up to 90% using our proven methodology.

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The Capabilities You Want, the Simplicity You Need

We understand that not every organization’s requirements are the same. That’s why we allow you to choose the specific knowledge assessments, simulated attacks, interactive training modules, and Security Awareness Materials that will work for you. Implement all our products for a 360-degree approach to security awareness and training or choose just the items that suit your organization’s needs. Start with mock attacks now…add interactive training later…or vice versa. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter awareness and training programs, and you shouldn’t settle for those who do.

Our Security Education Platform is purpose-built for information security officers and enables seamless execution of your awareness and training initiatives. We listen to our customers, and our responsive platform design gives us the flexibility to add functionality and incorporate new features. Check out what our customers have to say about it (and keep in mind that if you would like to be involved in shaping future updates, you can be a part of our User Community):

We’ve designed our platform to be flexible and feature-rich. The following tools and administrative functions help make the Security Education Platform easy to navigate and use, delivering a seamless user experience during every phase of your awareness and training program. 

Brand New User Interface

We listened to our customers’ feedback and built a graphical user interface that provides a streamlined, intuitive layout for all tools in the platform. As you’ll note in the testimonials above, our customers are very happy with the new interface.

Customizable Content

Our platform is built around our engaging, interactive content, but it also gives you multiple opportunities to incorporate your brand and customize your message. From a brand perspective, you can upload your corporate logo to the platform for all admins and end users to see and place your logo on our Security Awareness Materials.

We also give you the option to use customized content. You can add your own questions to our portfolio of CyberStrength® knowledge assessments; create content and templates for our ThreatSim® and SmishGuru® mock phishing and SMS/text attacks; and customize the messages delivered through our Teachable Moments, which are presented to users who fall for simulated attacks. In addition, our module’s Training Jackets allow you to add personalized and custom content to the start and close of each module, including policy acknowledgements and completion certificates.

Support for Multiple Languages

Multi-Language Support Security Awareness and Training

We understand the global nature of business, and we make it easy for administrators to deliver assessments and training in more than 25 languages, including the following:

  • English (American and British)
  • Arabic
  • Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish (European and Latin)
  • Swedish

Visit our Multinational Support page to see a list of all available translations.

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Email Communication Templates

We give you standard templates for email communications with your end users, including messages related to new users, new passwords, new assignments, assignment completions, and assignment reminders. You can use our standard templates or fully customize the content of the emails. Our Support Team can set up your account so the emails come from your corporate email domain.

Prioritization Tools

Prioritization Tools Security Education PlatformTraining modules that have been assigned to end users are automatically ordered at the top of the page according to their requested completion dates. Using our administrative tools, it’s easy to hide other interactive training modules so employees can focus on their current assignments.


This exclusive feature allows you to link our ThreatSim mock attacks and Predefined CyberStrength assessments to our interactive training modules, which enables you to deliver targeted training to your most susceptible end users. Using Auto-Enrollment, if one of your employee falls for a simulated phishing attack or does not exhibit a desired level of proficiency on a predefined assessment, you can automatically assign that user on or more training modules.

This feature dramatically improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your program by directly engaging the users who need the most attention. Users who fall for simulated attacks or who don’t perform well on assessments are more motivated to complete training because they’ve had the opportunity to witness and acknowledge the realities of their risky behaviors. Auto-Enrollment capitalizes on that increased motivation and generally results in shorter completion timelines and higher completion rates (even with voluntary training).

Staggered Message Delivery

This ThreatSim administrative feature is designed to ensure effective distribution of your mock phishing attacks. With Staggered Message Delivery, you can spread out delivery of your messages over a desired range of time, with the ability to specify the time you'd like messages to start being delivered and when you'd like delivery to end. This helps to minimize the impact to your email servers and prevents your IT helpdesk from being overwhelmed with questions and calls.

Staggered Message Delivery can also reduce the likelihood that employees will figure out — and discuss — your mock phishing attacks. This is important because it helps to ensure the integrity of your ThreatSim data and reporting.

Customizable Password Policy

Administrators can customize password management within the platform to match their own company policies. This allows for continuity and consistency across platforms used by employees, enabling reinforcement of best practices.

User Account Security Features

Administrators can limit password reuse and automatically lock out user accounts with too many failed login attempts, which helps organizations improve security and reinforce policies. In addition, administrators can preset lockout time frames for dormant accounts, which simplifies account management and improves security.

Data Privacy Features

Administrators can work with Wombat Support to enable data privacy features that will limit visibility and access to the Personally Identifiable Information of end users within product reports. These features give organizations the flexibility to comply with regional and industry-specific privacy laws.

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A Comprehensive Approach to Service

Unlimited Use of Platform Components

There are no limits on the items you choose to implement in your security awareness and training program. With our ThreatSim mock attacks, you can send as many simulated phishing emails as you want. Assessing through CyberStrength? Ask as many questions as you’d like as often as you’d like. Using our interactive modules? Schedule as many training assignments for your licensed end-user group as you see fit, and use the modules as frequently as you’d like. And if you reinforce security best practices through our optional Security Awareness Materials, you’ll enjoy unlimited use of the portal during your licensed period. The unlimited use of platform components is allowed for the number of specified end users in your license.

Superior Standard Support

Some of our competitors charge top dollar for even basic support functions. We have a different approach. Our robust Standard Support offering is included with all licensed components of our Security Education Platform, and we do everything we can to make setup and implementation a breeze. Our Support Team is available via phone and email from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST during the business week, and we offer a number of specific support services to make our platform fit perfectly with your requirements. Read More ›

Optional Managed Services

Not enough time to implement your security awareness and training program? Our experts will work with you to come up with a plan that meets your unique needs, implement it, and give you actionable reports to improve end-user security. Our comprehensive Managed Services solution is fully customizable and the easiest way to realize the benefits of risk reduction without committing internal man-hours and IT resources. Read More ›