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Up to 90% reduction in malware infections and phishing attacks from the wild.

Try Our Security Awareness Training

Up to 90% reduction in malware infections and phishing attacks from the wild.

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Education is the Most Essential Component of Effective Security

76% of businesses reported being a victim of an avoidable phishing attack. Protect your organization from potential disaster through better education. Our Security Education Platform has helped thousands of customers reduce successful phishing attacks and malware infections by up to 90%.

Our Training Is Constantly Evolving to Counter New Threats

With nearly 1.5 million new phishing sites and thousands of new social engineering scams being created each month (Webroot Threat Trends Report) you should feel confident your employees are equipped with the knowledge to avoid these attacks. Our continually evolving security education curriculum insures that your employees are trained to identify and avoid the latest security threats.

Simulate Real Phishing Attacks and Gauge Employee Knowledge

Proofpoint's ThreatSim® Simulated Phishing Attacks and CyberStrength® Knowledge Assessments gauge your employees’ susceptibility to phishing, social engineering, and other potential threats. Proofpoint is continually delivering new ThreatSim phishing templates that use our threat intelligence data to deliver the most realistic templates from phish in-the-wild.

Quick and Impactful Lessons Educate End Users

Proofpoint’s Interactive Training Modules utilize research-based Learning Science Principles to engage the learner and change behavior quickly and effectively. Our portfolio of 35+ modules test understanding and prompt immediate feedback, so the end user learns every step of the way. Our Awareness Video Campaigns and Education Materials reinforce the training module content.

Get End Users Reporting Phish, Not Engaging With Them

Our PhishAlarm® email reporting button makes it easy for end users to report phish and receive immediate feedback. PhishAlarm Analyzer helps organizations identify and target the most pressing threats by ranking emails reported by PhishAlarm.

Remediate Active Phishing Attacks in Minutes

Our integrated Closed Loop Email Analysis and Response (CLEAR) solution streamlines end-user reporting and security response to phishing attacks, reducing the time needed to neutralize an active threat from days to minutes.

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  • Mobile-responsive *
  • Available in 35+ languages!
  • SCORM compliant for existing learning management systems (LMS)
  • 5-15 minute-long interactive training modules
  • Available in a wide variety of topics from phishing to GDPR
  • Choose from a large variety of Awareness Video Campaigns and Education Materials

* Most modules are available in the mobile-responsive format. Check with a representative.

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