Wombat Security’s goal is to build security awareness and training programs that are effective for your organization and enjoyable for your employees. Read just a few of the testimonials below from customers, end users, analysts, and partners.

Our Customers Share Their Success Stories

Our comprehensive Security Education Platform makes it easy for our customers to combine their choice of knowledge assessments, simulated attacks, interactive training modules, and security awareness materials to create tailored security awareness and training programs.

  • We have been using Wombat for over two years now and one of the reasons we chose to go with them was not just because we felt the product offered more than their competitors technically, but also because the user education experience had the edge with tone, pace and multinational options. The product itself is constantly evolving, and there’s always something new to offer our colleagues by way of education.

    - Lesley Marjoribanks, Customer & Colleague Security Awareness Manager, Royal Bank of Scotland

  • It's the best turnkey security awareness product I have seen to date, and besides providing solid basic awareness training, it can free up scarce resources in our security management team so we can focus on more complex tasks.

    - Senior Security Specialist, Quality & Security

  • We included Wombat's security awareness and training platform in our Cyber Security Program to support us in fulfilling the requirements of the Financial Market Supervisory Authority. Wombat's Continuous Training Methodology was an ideal fit for our organization as it offers the opportunity to perform regular training during the whole year with minimal disruption to normal working activities.
    Wombat’s web-based solution is also easy to extend and leverage, and our end users have found the tools to be intuitive to handle and use. We liked that there was no software deployment requirement and that it allows us access from everywhere over the internet. In addition, Wombat's support for multiple languages is particularly useful for our multicultural company, and we appreciate that the extensive reporting functionalities allow us to track our efforts and communicate metrics to our stakeholders.

    - Roberto Huber, Advisory Security Officer, Avaloq Sourcing (Switzerland & Liechtenstein) SA

  • After a ransomware attack to our system, we knew that among other things, it was past time for end-user security training. Looking around at training resources to help facilitate the type of education we needed was made a far less daunting task when we discovered Wombat Security Technologies. Instead of having to create our own training materials from our limited knowledge and time, we were able to partner with Wombat to offer our staff a comprehensive security training package.
    Since our decision to partner with Wombat, we have experienced far fewer technology security issues and have been able to broaden our staff’s awareness in the area of cybersecurity. We are very satisfied with Wombat’s web solution for security awareness training and hope to keep offering our employees this excellent learning experience.

    - Karen Diggs, Director of Technology, North West Hendricks School Corporation, Lizton, Indiana

  • Since partnering with Wombat, we've seen a significant increase in user awareness and recognition of suspicious emails. Instead of clicking on these messages, our employees are reporting them. Our users have caught and alerted us to more than ten separate phishing attacks, and in the 10 months following the launch of our Wombat training program, we have seen a dramatic decline in infections due to inappropriate email activity. Our partnership with Wombat has been a true success and has helped us to educate inliiduals at all levels of our organization, which we feel is critical to protecting our patients' healthcare information, our employees' data, and our internal networks and systems.

    - Senior Manager of IT Operations, Monongahela Valley Hospital, Inc.

  • We’ve been using Wombat’s PhishAlarm product for some time and can already see the positive impact it’s having on our organization. PhishAlarm easily replaced antiquated suspicious email reporting with a consistent and user friendly process that positively affected employee behavior.

    - Senior Cyber Security Analyst, multinational energy company

  • Typically, any audit is not an enjoyable thing, but in our case we did very well in the security awareness and training section, partly based on our work with the Wombat team. Having metrics to gauge staff was a big plus for the auditors.

    - Cyber Security Risk Management Team, international chemical company

  • We have seen a major reduction in malware infections in our organization, a result we attribute to the Wombat methodology. In November, we had 56 employee computers infected with malware. Later that month, we sent a mock phishing attack to about 18,000 users, followed by in-depth training for employees who fell for the mock phishing message. By February, our malware infections dropped to three users — that’s a nearly 95% reduction! I know this is primarily due to the increased awareness we created with the training.

    - A leading international financial services company based in the Midwestern U.S.

  • We selected Wombat because they offer a comprehensive cyber security preparedness platform. Wombat’s Platform enables us to assess internal risk and target training to employees who need it most, thereby strengthening our security profile. We value the opportunity to collaborate with Wombat as the company continues to expand its suite of cyber security training modules.

    - Manager of IT Security and Risk Management, Del Monte Foods

  • I love the awareness materials portal. We have a few of the posters up around HDQ.

    - Security Officer, large international airline

  • By motivating employees to quickly respond and complete security awareness training means a company’s workforce is armed against the most current attacks. In addition, using automated phishing attacks enables companies to streamline operations, save money, and protect their organization at the same time.

    - Manager of IT Security and Disaster Recovery, Fortune 1000 manufacturing company

  • There have been over 400,000 successful completions of Safer Web Browsing, Password Security, Email Security, and Mobile Device Security training modules. Over 32,000 users completed the Mobile Device Security training module in 2 weeks. This is amazing for non-mandatory training, we have now justified the cost of training with just those 4 modules! We are very happy with our investment.

    - Security Awareness and Training Director, large technology company

  • The account and technical team at Wombat regularly go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. I am very satisfied with Wombat, its product, and its service.

    - Account Administrator, multinational financial company


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End Users Explain Why They Engage With Our Training

Wombat Security’s products go far beyond one-and-done and “check the box” training. Our content is engaging and enjoyable for end users and offers best practices that are applicable in their professional and personal lives.

  • Thank you for making something mandatory so enjoyable.

    - Employee at a multinational insurance company

  • This was a great training exercise! Thanks for choosing it.

    - Chief Executive Officer at a large healthcare organization

  • Well done learning module! I definitely learned a few new tips.

    - Instructional Designer at a large software company

  • Just completed on the train, on mobile phone - nicely done!

    -CISO at a multinational professional services company

  • I recently took your security training at my job and was very surprised on how well it conveyed useful information.

    - Government Trainee

  • I thought the training was great — all teammates need to take it. Great job at whoever created the idea.

  • I learned enough to protect myself from fraudulent email!

  • Thank you for opening my eyes

  • I finished the Wombat Training. This was very interesting and will benefit us at work and home. Thanks so much.

  • This was entertaining and helpful. Good use of interactive activities and immediate feedback for learning.

    - HR Manager of a non-profit organization

  • I found it useful, informative, and worthwhile.

    - Department Head at a government organization

Analysts Approve of Our Methodology

As the need for cyber security training programs for organizations of all sizes grow, we are dedicated to addressing CSOs’ needs for fully integrated and effective security awareness and training tools.

  • Companies such as Wombat Security Technologies are experts in the training delivery field, and they specifically provide a market-leading solution for continuous security education that creates employee behavior change. Select a training partner, like Wombat, that dedicates research time and money to identifying current and emerging threats that will be encountered and in delivering scalable solutions that make it easy for training program administrators to assess areas of user knowledge weakness and then target education programs to the subjects and people most at risk. This is a great way to get a quality program started, show a quick ROI, and then grow the program over time.

    - David Monahan, Security Analyst at Enterprise Management Associates

  • In nearly 30 studies over 5 years, Aberdeen’s research has consistently shown that the leading performers were 70% more likely on average than lagging performers to invest in security awareness and education for their end-users. Too often, enterprise investments in technologies are diluted by lack of investment in their people, but the top performers invest proactively in end-user awareness and training as a means to make their end-users informed, accountable and productive.

    - Derek Brink, Vice President and Research Fellow , IT Security and IT GRC at Aberdeen Group

  • The key is not just ‘awareness;’ it is behavior change; as such, interactive security awareness training platforms help compliance managers effectively administer mandated employee education, prove the completion of training in the event of an audit, and actually change the way that employees behave. The result is lower risk for the organization. Companies that employ new interactive cyber security assessment and context aware security training software are reporting reductions in susceptibility to employee-targeted attacks, which translates to fewer breaches and lower remediation costs.

    - Andrew Walls, Vice President of Security, Risk and Privacy, Gartner

Partners Benefit from our Extensive Solutions

The comprehensive Wombat Channel Partner Program supports reseller partners around the world. Our transparent, predictable engagement model allows you to sell our employee assessment, training, and email filtering products to your global customers.

"Organisations looking to secure their critical data need to include users in the solution. Espion recognises the value of Wombat’s innovative methodology that is revolutionising the way IT managers deliver IT security training.

When organisations commit budget to upskilling staff they are looking for the trust and assurance of globally recognised technologies. When Wombat achieved “Leader” on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant it further demonstrated its best-in-class status within the anti-phishing and cyber security awareness market. With Wombat we believe we are offering our clients the most comprehensive solution to train and test employees about phishing attacks and other cyber security threats."

- Richard Lambe, International Business Development Manager at Espion