wombatsecurity | September 24, 2013

Wombat Security Technologies Unveils CyberStrength, a First of its Kind Security Awareness Assessment Solution that Helps Companies Measure Employee Vulnerability to Cyber Security Attacks

CyberStrength enables security officers to easily evaluate employee knowledge of cyber security threats and create an efficient plan for mitigating risk

Pittsburgh, PA, September 24, 2013 – Wombat Security Technologies (Wombat), a leading provider of cyber security awareness and training solutions, today announced CyberStrengthTM, a new and unique cloud-based assessment solution which provides an easy and effective way for CISOs to evaluate employee knowledge of today's cyber security threats. This simple but powerful tool helps security officers measure the effectiveness of security training programs by creating focused and custom assessments on specific topics such as mobility, Internet browsing, social networking, passwords, smartphones, and phishing. CyberStrength is a key component of any robust and effective security awareness training program that includes ongoing assessment, interactive training, and detailed analysis of program effectiveness.

"By providing valuable feedback on the strength of employee knowledge of cyber threats, CyberStrength offers a new and unique defense against evolving cyber attacks," said Joe Ferrara, President and CEO of Wombat Security Technologies. "This innovative product empowers the security officer to drive targeted training and organizational compliance to give companies an overall stronger security posture in spite of escalating attacks."

Cyber-crime has been exploding and it has been well documented that humans have become the target of choice for cyber criminals. A 2013 report published by Ponemon Institute reports that malicious or criminal attacks result in the highest per capita data breach cost with the average cost to US businesses surveyed at a whopping $3.03 million. A 2013 Information Security Breaches Survey from PricewaterhouseCoopers found that 36% of the worst security breaches in the year were caused by human error.

In spite of such overwhelming findings, a recent Wombat survey revealed that 50% of companies use "completion of training" to measure the effectiveness of security training. In fact, only 13% of companies surveyed actually used training scores to determine effectiveness of their efforts. CyberStrength provides a way for security officers to gather credible baseline data about user knowledge and then measure again after training is completed to determine knowledge gained as well as areas of strength and weakness.

Wombat's training solutions use learning science principles to engage the user, deliver practical knowledge, and ensure employees retain the information they are taught. CyberStrength's robust reporting tools help security practitioners analyze assessment results and modify their plans of action company-wide. CyberStrength provides two different high-level reports and six detailed reports which can be formatted to easily present to executive management.

CyberStrength enables CISOs to:

  • Build a broad assessment across several cybersecurity topic areas to understand employee knowledge and vulnerability.
  • Create focused assessments on specific topics such as mobility, Internet browsing, social networking, passwords, smartphones, phishing and more.
  • Supplement simulated attacks to ensure employees are evaluated on all topic areas.
  • Add custom questions specific to their policies, areas of weakness or their special needs.
  • Benchmark, track, and trend user knowledge via detailed reports.
  • Reduce the amount of training time necessary by targeting training to the topics and employees at most risk.
  • Administer assessments and training in one easy-to-use platform purpose-built for security officers.

As part of the launch of CyberStrength, Wombat is offering a unique promotion where any company that purchases training modules in the Wombat Security Training Platform by December 31, 2013 will receive CyberStrength for free for the length of their license agreement.

Wombat's new CyberStrength assessment is available now. For pricing and/or more information about this one of a kind product, please visit www.wombatsecurity.com.

About Wombat Security Technologies

Wombat Security Technologies helps organizations combat cyber security threats with uniquely effective software-based training solutions for employees. Wombat offers fully automated, highly scalable solutions, built on learning science principles. They offer mock attacks with brief embedded training, as well as a full complement of 10-minute software training modules. Wombat's training solutions have been shown to reduce employee susceptibility to attack over 80%. Wombat is helping Fortune 1000 customers, large government agencies and small to medium businesses in segments such as finance, banking, higher education, retail, technology, energy, insurance, and consumer packaged goods strengthen their cyber security defenses. For more information visit www.wombatsecurity.com or contact Lorraine Kauffman-Hall at 704-882-0443 or lhall@attainmarketing.com.