wombatsecurity | July 17, 2012

Wombat Security Technologies to Host FREE Security Awareness and Training Webinar Series

To help security officers prepare for Cyber Security Awareness Month, distinguished infosecurity experts will share key tips for planning and executing effective security training programs.

Pittsburgh, PA –July 17, 2012 –Wombat Security Technologies (Wombat), a leading provider of cybersecurity awareness and training solutions, today announced it will be hosting a webinar series inpreparation for Cyber Security Awareness Month to help companies effectively train their work force to avoid today’s cyber security threats. These three unique presentations from distinguished speakers including Ira Winkler, President of Internet Security Advisors Group and author, Rebecca Herold, information privacy, security and compliance consultant, author and instructor, Ralph Massaro, VP of Wombat and Jason Hong, CTO of Wombat as well as faculty member of Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science department, will beheld on Aug. 9, Aug. 22 and Sept. 6, 2012.

“In advance of this year’s Cyber Security Awareness Month, Wombat is very pleased to host a series of three practical online presentations from top security practitioners who know the industry’s best practices for effective security awareness and training ,” said Joe Ferrara, President and CEO of Wombat Security Technologies. “In a time when cyber security threats are escalating at a rapid rate, employees are an often ignored, but very important part of an organization’s defenses against cyber security threats.”
Wombat’s webinar series includes three thought provoking and insightful presentations to help companies navigate the complexities of today’s security awareness and training market:

August 9, 11:00am ET: Cyber Security – It’s about the people! Heighten their senses to cyber-attack.
Ira Winkler, President of Internet Security Advisors Group will share real incidents wherecompanies gave hackers access to their network. He’ll help info security professionals thinkabout where they might be exposed in their organization and talk about the biggest risk, users.
Also, Dr. Jason Hong, CTO and co-founder of Wombat Security Technologies and faculty memberof Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science department will share 7 practical tips to helpcompanies deliver memorable and effective training for employees.

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August 22, 11:00am ET: Security Training without measurement is like a Wombat without fur. It’s not pretty.
Rebecca Herold, information privacy, security and compliance consultant, author and instructor will share her expertise on creating and planning security awareness training programs that enable companies to measure their effectiveness.

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September 6, 11:00am ET A measurably effective Enterprise Training solution. In a burrow near you.
Dr. Jason Hong and Ralph Massaro will summarize the principles for effective security awareness training, and help organizations start building a successful program that can be measured. This presentation will show solutions info security professionals can implement today to jumpstart their program.

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For more information about Wombat’s Prep for Security Awareness Training Month webinar series, please contact Amy Baker at 412-621-1484 or abaker@wombatsecurity.com.

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Wombat is a pioneer in end user cyber security awareness training and assessments. With customersacross North America, Europe, and Asia, Wombat Security Technologies provides a comprehensive and effective suite of cyber security training and assessment solutions. Wombat also offers an anti-phishing filter that has been shown to be significantly more effective than the most popular anti-spam filters when it comes to catching phishing attacks, including zero-hour attacks. Wombat’s products have been licensed for use in sectors as diverse as finance, government, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing and technology.

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