wombatsecurity | May 01, 2012

Wombat Releases Security Beyond the Office Software Training Module to Help Businesses Safeguard Data 24x7

Wombat’s Newest Security Awareness Training Module is a Powerful Tool to Combat Security Breaches Caused by Employees

Pittsburgh, PA – May 1, 2012 –  Wombat Security Technologies (Wombat), a leading provider of cyber security training solutions, announced the release of Security Beyond the Office,  a new software training module that teaches employees how they can keep valuable data safe when working outside of their office.  The newest module in a comprehensive line of software training solutions from Wombat, “Security Beyond the Office” is a powerful tool that corporate security officers can leverage to help combat the rise of security breaches caused by their end users.

While there is terrific convenience with today’s “always on” access to the Internet giving employees the opportunity to access work related documents and data outside of the office, this access presents a great risk to today’s businesses.   By often choosing convenience over safety, employees that work remotely are becoming a big concern for companies and an open door for cyber criminals.

“In 2012 we’re already seeing a sharp increase in data breaches caused by employees who lost or leaked confidential company data,” said Perry Carpenter, Research Director at Gartner.  “Gartner considers a behavior-change oriented information security awareness and training program to be an essential tool for all companies, regardless of size. Without one, serious IT risks may be overlooked.”

Employees have a responsibility to protect company assets, corporate data, and customer information at all times and should know the consequences if they fail to comply with information security policies. Developed using learning science principles, Wombat’s “Security Beyond the Office” software training module explains the risks of working remotely and then teaches employees how to work safely outside of their office.

Wombat’s engaging training helps employees practically apply learned concepts during an interactive training session that takes less than 10 minutes. When they make a mistake, or answer correctly, employees learn why – immediately – thereby reinforcing their learning and lengthening retention.

“By teaching employees how to make better and safer decisions when they are outside the boundaries of the office, “Security Beyond the Office” is a valuable tool in a company’s defense against the rise in cyber security attacks. Instead of relying on boring videos or presentations, Wombat’s training modules utilize interactive software and leverage learning science to change employee behavior,” said Joe Ferrara, President and CEO of Wombat Security Technologies.

Designed to address the most current information security traps, Security Beyond the Office teaches employees how to use free Wi-Fi safely, the risks of using public computers, and how to safeguard company equipment and information at home and on the road.

Wombat’s Security Training Platform

Security Beyond the Office is just one of the modules in Wombat’s comprehensive “Security Training Platform” that enables security professionals and administrators to tackle today’s most pressing cyber security issues including e-mail security, password management, social networking, smartphone/BYOD vulnerabilities, phishing and social engineering. Reporting capabilities in the Platform provide both aggregate and individual data to guide follow-up training programs and show improved results over time.

Security Beyond the Office is available today. For pricing and/or more information about this security awareness training module, or any one of Wombat’s award winning security awareness and training products, please visit www.wombatsecurity.com.

About Wombat Security Technologies

Wombat is an innovator in helping organizations combat cyber security attacks with uniquely effective software-based security awareness training solutions and a first of its kind anti-phishing filter. Wombat’s training methodology is based upon learning science principles and includes employee mock attacks with brief embedded training, as well as a full complement of 10-minute software training modules which significantly reduce an organization’s susceptibility to cyber-attack. The Company’s anti-phishing filter utilizes multi-layered predictive technology to catch significantly more phishing emails than leading anti-spam/anti-virus filters. Wombat is helping Fortune 500 customers, large government agencies and small to medium businesses in segments such as finance, banking, higher education, insurance, and consumer packaged goods strengthen their cyber security defenses. For more information visit www.wombatsecurity.com or contact Lorraine Kauffman-Hall at 704-882-0443 or lhall@attainmarketing.com.