wombatsecurity | October 17, 2012

US Department of Defense selects Wombat Security Technologies to extend its anti-phishing filtering product to address new threats

The $750,000 contract supports the extension of Wombat’s PhishPatrol product to address attacks on social networks and smartphones, in addition to emails.

Pittsburgh, PA – October 17, 2012 – Today, Wombat Security Technologies, Inc. (Wombat) announced that it has been awarded a $750,000 contract by the Department of Defense for its innovative anti-phishing filtering technology. Under this contract, Wombat will further extend its unique anti-phishing email and web filtering technologies to address new forms of increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks. This includes Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks received by a growing number of organizations in industry and government as well as new phishing attacks targeting smart phones and social networks.

“This contract provides further validation of the strength of our anti-phishing filtering technologies as well as our ability to elegantly address the latest trends in phishing attacks,” said Wombat’s President and CEO, Joe Ferrara.

As existing commercial solutions continue to fall short when it comes to catching phishing attacks, the Department of Defense has tasked Wombat to extend the benefits of its unique PhishPatrol product to also detect and filter phishing attacks delivered to smartphones, be it in the context of short messages (“SMishing”) or via social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Recent statistics from Lookout Mobile Security show that mobile users accessing phishing sites are three times more likely to submit their login information than desktop users. In its 2012 “Norton Cybercrime Report”, Symantec reported that one tenth of social network users have already fallen victim to a scam or fake link on social networks, further highlighting the urgency of deploying more effective solutions in this area.

“Phishing attacks commonly foil even the best anti-spam/anti-virus filters. With PhishPatrol®, we have shown that it is possible to supplement these filters and catch many of the emails that would otherwise go undetected,” added Dr. Norman Sadeh, Wombat Co-Founder and Chief Scientist. “Under this contract, we will be able to further enhance our unique anti-phishing filtering technologies and tailor them for new attack channels such as short messages and social networks, which are quickly becoming the new frontier for phishing attacks.”

About Wombat Security Technologies

Wombat is a pioneer in end user cyber security awareness training and assessments.  With customers across North America, Europe, and Asia, Wombat Security Technologies provides a comprehensive and effective suite of cyber security training and assessment solutions.  Wombat also offers an anti-phishing filter that has been shown to be significantly more effective than the most popular anti-spam filters when it comes to catching phishing attacks, including zero-hour attacks. Wombat’s products have been licensed for use in sectors as diverse as finance, government, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing and technology.  For more information visit www.wombatsecurity.com or contact Lorraine Kauffman-Hall @ 704-882-0443, lhall@attainmarketing.com.