wombatsecurity | July 10, 2012

New "Safer Web Browsing" Security Training Module from Wombat Security Technologies to Help Business Tackle Key Internet Security Risks

Wombat’s latest security awareness training software module empowers employees to safely leverage Internet resources at work or at home.

Pittsburgh, PA – July 10, 2012 –Wombat Security Technologies (Wombat), a leading provider of cyber security awareness and training solutions, today announced the release of its new Safer Web Browsing training module to defend against the most up-to-date risks associated with Internet browsing in the enterprise. As with all its modules, Wombat’s Safer Web Browsing training module addresses important enterprise security risks by targeting security’s potential weakest link, the employee. The Safer Web Browsing security training module leverages Wombat’s proven learning techniques and provides users with practical advice in a software-based training session that takes less than 10 minutes. This new addition to the Company’s Security Training Platform helps organizations strengthen their user’s knowledge and defense against cyber-attack.

“In nearly 30 studies over 5 years, Aberdeen’s research has consistently shown that the leading performers were 70% more likely on average than lagging performers to invest in security awareness and education for their end-users,” commented Derek Brink, vice president and research fellow for IT Security and IT GRC at Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company. “Too often, enterprise investments in technologies are diluted by lack of investment in their people, but the top performers invest proactively in end-user awareness and training as a means to make their end-users informed, accountable and productive.”

Wombat’s new Safer Web Browsing training module explains the risks and teaches the key concepts of safer browsing to employees, including how to:

  • Identify browser content versus website content
  • Avoid malicious pop-ups that look like software downloads or virus warnings
  • Recognize the difference between legitimate and malicious URLs
  • Understand the importance of logging out of sites and auto-complete risks
  • Spot other common website scams

Throughout the Safer Web Browsing training module users are asked to practice concepts as they learn them, thereby re-enforcing learning as they go. A unique feature of this new training module, employees complete their session by having their own browsing “adventure” and test what they’ve just learned to make their Internet use safer. Unlike other types of security awareness training techniques that are intended to scare the user away from using the Internet, Wombat’s Safer Web Browsing training module empowers employees to take full advantage of the Internet’s benefits while protecting themselves and their employers from potential security breaches.

Joe Ferrara, President and CEO had the following to say, “We’ve seen a trend recently where security awareness training is focused on scaring employees. Fear mongering only serves to reduce employee productivity which creates a problem for the company. Instead, Wombat’s training helps users understand the dangers, and learn practical strategies to stay safe.”

Wombat’s Security Training Platform

Safer Web Browsing is just one of the modules in Wombat’s comprehensive “Security Training Platform” that enables security professionals and administrators to tackle today’s most pressing cyber security issues including e-mail security, password management, social networking, smartphone/BYOD vulnerabilities, phishing and social engineering. Reporting capabilities in the Platform provide both aggregate and individual data to guide follow-up training programs and show improved results over time.

Safer Web Browsing is available today. For pricing and/or more information about this security awareness training module, or any one of Wombat’s award winning security awareness and training products, please visit www.wombatsecurity.com.

About Wombat Security Technologies

Wombat is an innovator in helping organizations combat cyber security attacks with uniquely effective software-based security awareness training solutions and a first of its kind anti-phishing filter. Wombat’s training methodology is based upon learning science principles and includes employee mock attacks with brief embedded training, as well as a full complement of 10-minute software training modules which significantly reduce an organization’s susceptibility to cyber-attack. The Company’s anti-phishing filter utilizes multi-layered predictive technology to catch significantly more phishing emails than leading anti-spam/anti-virus filters. Wombat is helping Fortune 500 customers, large government agencies and small to medium businesses in segments such as finance, banking, higher education, insurance, and consumer packaged goods strengthen their cyber security defenses. For more information visit www.wombatsecurity.com or contact Lorraine Kauffman-Hall at 704-882-0443 or lhall@attainmarketing.com.