wombatsecurity | November 14, 2013

Bishop Technologies and Wombat Security Collaborate to Bolster Client Info Security Programs with Effective Education for Employees

ELGIN, Illinois (November 14, 2013) --  Bishop Technologies, a full service provider of information security, governance and data migration solutions, today announced its partnership with Wombat Security Technologies, a leader in software-based security assessments and training solutions for organizations to use when educating their employees to avoid cyber-attacks.

Bishop will offer Wombat Security’s uniquely effective security awareness and training solutions to their prospects and clients. These solutions include a broad employee assessment, simulated phishing attacks and a library of brief but interactive software training modules that use learning science principles to ensure that employees retain the information they learn for long periods of time. Using these solutions, employees will learn to defend themselves against social engineering, phishing, weak passwords, malicious URLs, oversharing on social networks, lax protection of personally identifiable information and protected health information, and many more areas of potential cyber risk.

Wombat customers have experienced greater than 80% reduction in susceptibility to attack when implementing their Continuous Training Methodology during which security officers assess and train employees, analyze the results, and repeat the process focusing on areas of greatest weakness each time.

“Cyber threats such as targeted spear phishing have become incredibly sophisticated, and no security tool is 100% effective at blocking them,” says Dan Langille, Bishop’s director of business development. “Any organization’s most powerful weapon against a cyber-attack must therefore be well-educated end-users. Our alliance with Wombat Security enables us to provide our clients with software-based security assessments and training services that complement their existing security measures. The result is a holistic security plan that dramatically reduces our clients’ susceptibility to cyber threats.”

“We’re looking forward to a successful partnership,” says Mike Nobers, channel manager at Wombat. “Our employee assessment and training solutions satisfy an important, and often missing, component of a well-crafted security strategy and we believe they will be of great value to Bishop clients.

Bishop has strategic relationships with information security partners such as CipherCloud, Malcovery Security, and Proofpoint. Through partnering with and offering the Wombat Security training and assessment solutions, Bishop is well equipped to offer a comprehensive security strategy to clients.

Bishop Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Elgin, IL, specializes in delivering and supporting solutions for information security, pervasive information governance, and data migration to large enterprises, government agencies, and SMBs. Bishop provides expertise and solutions for Email, Web and Social Media Archiving, Enterprise Search and eDiscovery, Regulatory and Corporate Compliance, Archive Migrations, Information Management Consulting and Enhanced Support Services. To enable organizations to protect the value and mitigate the risk of the information contained in their communications and infrastructure, Bishop offers both on-premise and cloud solutions. Bishop maintains advanced technical certifications with each of their vendors, enabling them to provide complete and effective pre-sale guidance, implementation services, and post-sale enhanced support services to fit the evolving needs of their clients. Bishop: Keeping Your Data In Check™. More information is available at http://www.bishopit.com.

Wombat Security Technologies helps organizations combat cyber security threats with uniquely effective software-based training solutions for employees. Wombat offers fully automated, highly scalable solutions, built on learning science principles. They offer assessments, mock attacks with brief embedded training, as well as a full complement of 10-minute software training modules. Wombat’s training solutions have been shown to reduce employee susceptibility to attack over 80%. Wombat is helping Fortune 1000 customers, large government agencies and small to medium businesses in segments such as finance, banking, higher education, retail, technology, energy, insurance, and consumer packaged goods to strengthen their cyber security defenses. For more information visit www.wombatsecurity.com.