Jeff Goldman | September 12, 2013

Wombat Security Technologies Intros Phishing Education, Assessment Solution

The company says simulated phishing attacks, along with Wombat's training, have caused a more than 80 percent reduction in susceptibility to attack.

Wombat Security Technologies recently announced the availability of a new anti-phishing training suite, designed to help security officers to assess vulnerabilities via simulated phishing attacks and provid employees with e in-depth anti-phishing education. If employees fall for a simulated attack, they can automatically be enrolled in follow-up training.

The company says a combination of simulated phishing attacks with Wombat's interactive training has caused a greater than 80 percent reduction in employee susceptibility to attack.

"Effective security awareness training for the entire employee base has become a necessity for any company that wants to take a proactive stance against the growing threat of phishing and other cyber security attacks," Ogren Group founder and principal analyst Eric Ogren said in a statement.

Key functionality in the company's new anti-phishing suite includes the following:

  • New and improved reporting and additional functionality in Wombat's PhishGuru solution
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities, including detailed campaign summaries, event and repeat offender reports
  • Follow-up campaign scheduling to automatically re-assess employees who fall for phishing attacks
  • Multiple administrator defined fields for managing contact groups
  • A new URL training module to teach employees how to determine which URLs are safe and which are fraudulent
  • A new version of the E-mail Security training module with updated content
  • Training auto-enrollment to ensure that employees who fall for a mock phishing attack are assigned appropriate training modules

"Anyone can send mock phishing attacks to employees, but education is critical and our combination of simulated attacks coupled with innovative in-depth training delivers effective education and behavior change," Wombat Security Technologies president and CEO Joe Ferrara said in a statement.

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