wombatsecurity | September 01, 2011

Wombat Security Technologies Awarded SBIR Phase II Grant

Our goal is to develop a web-based platform that can (1) host a collection of micro games for security training, (2) simplify the task of developing games by providing useful features, (3) help administrators manage and deploy micro games, and (4) help analysts visualize and drill down on data.

For phase I, we will demonstrate the feasibility of our ideas. We will use a human-centered approach in developing a first iteration of this platform, conducting user studies to ensure that users find our system useful, usable, and desirable. We will also develop core functions and integrate two of our micro-games for security, one of which we have already developed and deployed, the other we are in the early design phases.

Our team is comprised of three computer science faculty from Carnegie Mellon University who have founded a startup (Wombat Security Technologies, Inc) to commercialize our research in anti-phishing. Part of this research was in developing fun and effective training to protect people from online phishing scams, the most successful of which has been a game played by over 80,000 people with results showing that the game significantly boosts the ability of users to detect phishing attacks.

Read More: http://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/869