wombatsecurity | August 16, 2011

Wombat Security Technologies Adds Support of Popular Mobile Devices like iPad and Android to PhishGuru

Wombat Security Technologies(Wombat) today announced the latest enhancements to PhishGuru, its anti-phishing email assessment and training service. Version 2.0 of PhishGuru now includes “on-the-spot” training and reporting when employees fall for a simulated attack initiated from a mobile device. PhishGuru simulation training not only reduces the chance of employees falling for an attack by 60% with one round, it also provides administrators and security officers powerful information to assess where their organizations are most vulnerable. Recent studies show that mobile phone users are three times more likely to fall for a phishing attack than PC users with high-profile vulnerabilities like Android making headlines daily. Wombat’s service will now enable organizations to deliver fast and effective training that prevents users from falling for mobile-based phishing attacks.

“Good security is a function of people, process and technology – we tend to focus on technology but without proper training - people will always be the weakest link,” said Diana Kelley, analyst from Security Curve. “That is what makes good awareness training so difficult – it is not a box you plug in and turn on – it requires an understanding not just of security but of people, their processes and the technology they use. There is a huge need for effective awareness training, and plenty of opportunity for those who can innovate in the market.”

Wombat’s PhishGuru is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that lets security professionals craft fake phishing emails to assess and train their employees. Version 2.0 reveals whether an employee fell for an attack through a mobile phone, a tablet, or their computer, and specifically what type of device and browser they were using. Also included in the 2.0 release of PhishGuru is the ability for administrators to send fake malicious attachments, phishing links or data entry pages.