Alan Shimmel | February 13, 2012

Wombat Continues to Make Learning About Security Fun

Wombat Continues to Make Learning about Security Fun

I last wrote about Wombat a few months back.They are a company that was spun out of Carnegie-Mellon University and based on some work done under a US Government grant. Based on game theory, they had developed some really fun games that would teach people the do and don’ts of phishing. Now they have expanded beyond phishing to cover other areas of security. The games have also matured and are more contagious then ever.

After seeing Wombat’s phishing Phil and Phyllis last time I checked in with them, I introduced my 12 year old son Landon to them. He did a science project based on phishing and educating his classmates (and their parents) about phishing and wound up with a 3rd place county wide finish in his project.

I spoke to Joe Ferrara, CEO of Wombat about their new offerings. Moving beyond phishing the team now has training on smart phone use, social media and creating strong passwords and password security. Of course they still have phishing and email security as well. Also Joe and his expanded team have moved beyond some of the cartoon figures in phishing Phil to a bit more sophisticated look and feel. You can sign up for free demos of the products on their web site.

Best of all for Joe and Wombat, the market is warming up to their" “making security training fun” approach. They recently announcedthat food giant Del Monte had chose Wombat for their security training program for employees. Joe is growing the team pretty quickly at Wombat. Between ramping up the sales team, as well as adding new modules and areas of training, Wombat is hopping right now.

It is good to see a security start up doing so well. Will keep watch on Wombat’s progress, but if you are in need of security training for your organization, you should give them a look.

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