Steve Anderson | March 16, 2016

Rise in Security Awareness Pays Off Big for Wombat Security

These days, a keen awareness of security matters is vital for continued growth. Those who don't have a good handle on security are more likely to be breached, their data stolen, and their public face irrevocably altered...and not for the better. That's given companies like Wombat Security Technologies some real growth potential, and Wombat has seen a three-year annual growth rate over 900 percent strong in the face of a more security-conscious business environment.

Regarded as the leading provider in software-as-a-service (SaaS (News - Alert)) security awareness and training tools, the company reported not only the 900 percent three-year growth rate, but also noted a greater than 100 percent jump on several fronts, including orders, revenue, and total headcount compared to 2014. The first quarter of 2016 is on track to witness similar gains, as customers are eager to get in on its new product platform.

Wombat's successes are surprisingly varied in scope; it's been found in theGartner (News - Alert) Magic Quadrant results for “security awareness computer based training vendors” two years running, and the successful integration of a new acquisition, ThreatSim, into its Security Education Platform. This allowed Wombat to simulate phishing attacks, and better demonstrate how to address these threats. In turn, that made Wombat's platform one of the best the market could offer, driving more sales and interest. Support for over 20 different languages gives it access to a wider market, and dynamic reporting options allow for easy filtering or alteration of measurement factors.

A ranking on the Deloitte (News - Alert) Technology Fast 500—place 104, specifically—and a set of technology partner integrations helped drive Wombat to great new lengths. Other awards followed, including two from Info Security Products Guide, a finalist in the SC Magazine awards for IT security related training program, and a nomination for the CyberSecurity Excellence Award's Best CyberSecurity Education Provider.

With the product continually modifying to address new threats, it's fairly easy to see why Wombat is getting so far in the field. The nature of cybersecurity means that new threats are emerging every day, and the more up-to-date a training package can be, the better off its users will be in the end. A system like Wombat's, that covers so many potential threats can be more readily justified for use in a company, and thus is likely the one more turn to to brief employees about security issues. No one wants a driver's ed course that doesn't cover parallel parking, so why would anyone want a security training system that doesn't cover all the threats?

There's a lot to like about the Wombat system, and a large number of companies have demonstrated as much quite clearly. Wombat's success likely stems from this, and as long as it can keep upgrading, it should hold its market ranking for some time to come.

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