Patricia Dreidemy | July 26, 2018

Proofpoint launches anti-phishing training offer

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Simulation of phishing attack and help in the detection of attacks: Proofpoint will launch its training offer by the end of the year.

In February, the company bought US $ 225 million worth of Wombat Security Technologies, a company specializing in cybersecurity training and simulations of phishing campaigns whose aim is to test employees on their "aptitude" for trap.

By acquiring Wombat, we responded to the request of some of our customers who wanted us to offer them an offer at this level because we already had a strong visibility on everything that is attacks by email, says Vincent Merlin, Marketing Director EMEA from Proofpoint. We already have a software solution to protect employees who are victims of "phishing" attacks within their company, but we lacked training to educate them

Customized training

By the end of the year, Proofpoint will be integrating Wombat's phishing attack simulation method, which uses the latest cyber-attack techniques used by cybercriminals, as well as its training offer on cybersecurity. " Designed to educate employees and help them detect attacks based on social engineering, these trainings will be customized according to the real strengths and weaknesses of employees who have been victims of phishing and the type of attacks they have suffered.  "Says Vincent Merlin. 
According to Proofpoint, companies that have already implemented the Wombat Security Technologies methodology have reduced the number of infections related to "phishing" or "malware" attacks by up to 90%. At a time when cybersecurity continues to intensify and where human remains the weakest link in the security of companies, improving fun knowledge of employees in terms of cybersecurity seems to us to be paramount,  "says Vincent Merlin.

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