Mini Swamy | February 11, 2014

Prey to a Phishing Attack - Train the Wombat Way

The Internet is the best thing that could ever have happened to us, and its value can perhaps never be really gauged, but (there's always one) on the flip side, there's identity theft, phishing and cyber security attacks that warp it a little. Nothing however, that some security awareness training can't set right - that's where Wombat Security Technologies comes into play.

It's not as if training programs for security awareness don't exist, the trouble is that many programs end even before they begin, because they cannot be executed and managed properly. Wombat pursues a slightly different approach, and provides 'engaging training, increased participation and measurable results through automation.'

Put simply, that means if you fall for simulated phishing attacks, then you're automatically roped in for electronically created training assignments. To ensure that employees retain information that they are taught, the training is delivered in brief 10-minute auto-assigned training modules. The company appears to be well stocked on those.

The interactive training modules  teach them how to identify the cyber-attacks and how not to fall into traps. This methodology appears to motivate employees better than merely training the employee in security awareness.

Automation not only improves employee acceptance and completion of training, but also makes it easier for security officers to manage security awareness and training programs across their organization. Wombat thus overcomes the limitations of most training programs.

“We have seen how automation can successfully ensure that more employees engage in learning and that security officers can more easily implement continuous programs thereby strengthening human defenses against cyber-attack," said  Joe Ferrara, president and CEO of Wombat Security Technologies.

The  Wombat methodology of short spurts of training when the employee succumbs to a phishing attack appears to have succeeded with companies reporting over 80 percent reduction in breaches due to phishing attacks.

And, that perhaps could well be because only when we fall do we pick ourselves up and ensure that the same thing doesn't happen again. It's like learning to swim, you train for hours and hours on end and can't even do one lap, but when you’re pushed into the water, you automatically learn to save yourself from drowning by swimming. That's Wombat methodology for you.

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