wombatsecurity | February 04, 2015

Data Security Experts Reveal the Biggest Mistakes Companies Make with Data & Information Security

Most successful companies of today, whether enterprises, mid-market, or small small businesses, are either based online or have a firm presence online. And the reality is, just by conducting business online, any one of these companies can suffer a breach in data security. Fortunately, there are some universal rules about securing data that all companies online today can learn and benefit from.

Since Digital Guardian strives to provide data security solutions that are both diagnostic as well as proactive, we wanted to offer some data security tips that would apply to many companies doing business online. More specifically, we wanted to compile tips from data security experts on the most common (and avoidable) mistakes companies make when it comes to securing their data. To do this, we asked 30 data security experts to answer this question:

"What are the biggest mistakes companies make with data security?"

We've collected and compiled their expert advice into this comprehensive guide on data security for businesses. See what our experts said below:

Joe Ferrara


Joe Ferrara is the President and CEO of Wombat Security Technologies. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, the company provides information security awareness and training software to help organizations teach their employees secure behavior.

The biggest mistakes companies make with data security are...

1. Emailing unencrypted data

2. Having unencrypted data on mobile phones

3. Taking sensitive data home on work computers

4. Re-using passwords

5. Sharing passwords

6. CSO's not sharing data security policies with employees

By teaching employees and consumers how to make better and safer decisions when they are outside the boundaries of the office, they are empowered to make better decisions for an overall impact on the global security chain to help reduce breaches in 2015. Security Awareness Training is no longer an option for "Best in Class" companies and it's imperative to effectively change user behavior.

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