wombatsecurity | April 28, 2012

5 Key Tips for Keeping Company Data Safe 24×7

Wombat provides security awareness training tips for employees to work securely away from the office. Every security officer should teach their employees these tips to protect company information.

Now that everyone can be connected to the Internet and access job-related software applications 24x7x365 via the cloud, employees can work from just about anywhere. While this is a terrific convenience, it also presents great cyber security risks. According to a recent study by PwC, 82% of large companies reported security breaches caused by staff, including 47% who lost or leaked confidential information

In response to increased cyber security concerns, Wombat Security Technologies offers important tips to help employees work safely where ever they connect.

  1. Don’t take sensitive corporate info home with you on your laptop – Your employer’s data is valuable to thieves. The theft of customer data, trade secrets, company financial information, and other valuable data could cost your employer millions — and could cost you your job.
  2. Free WiFi can be dangerous – when using public WiFiavoid accessing websites with “http://” which can be intercepted by anyone else on the network. Instead use HTTPS for any website that you log into.
  3. Public computers should always be considered unsafe – Key loggers and other malicious software can be installed by cybercriminals remotely to record everything you type.  Only browse on public computers, don’t log-in to any sites or personal accounts.
  4. Don’t use file sharing software on your work laptop – Many MP3s or video files available from file-sharing programs contain spyware or viruses. Installing programs like these on your laptop is like leaving your car unlocked.
  5. Don’t let children, or other family, use your company laptop – While well meaning, they might accidentally expose your computer, tablet, or company smartphone to spyware, viruses, or other risks. Even at home, you should lock your laptop when you walk away from it.

While these tips may seem to be common sense practices, there are too few people who actually follow them. More than ever, employees are making many choices every day between safety and convenience forcing businesses to address security beyond the office. Understanding the risks of those choices is the first step in making better, safer decisions.

Wombat Security Technologies offers practical tips like these through their interactive security awareness training products which are uniquely effective at teaching employees how to avoid cyber security attacks.

For more information about Wombat Security technologies, visit www.wombatsecurity.com .

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