Closed-Loop Email Analysis and Response (CLEAR)


Closed-Loop Email Analysis and Response (CLEAR)


Identify and Neutralize Active Phishing Attacks in Minutes

A security-conscious employee can be your last line of defense against a cyberattack — especially when a phishing attempt slips past your perimeter defenses. CLEAR is an integrated Wombat-Proofpoint solution that streamlines end-user reporting and security response to phishing attacks, reducing the time needed to neutralize an active threat from days to minutes.

  • End users can easily report a suspicious message with just a single click, using the PhishAlarm® email reporting button.

  • Noise is kept to a minimum with automatic filtering of whitelisted emails and simulated phish, making it easier for response teams to prioritize their work.

  • Reported messages are automatically analyzed against multiple intelligence and reputation systems by TRAP and PhishAlarm Analyzer, and real threats can then be deleted or quarantined with just a click.

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