Gretel Egan | October 16, 2018

Raise Security Awareness With Our One-Minute Videos


In conjunction with our initiatives for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’ve created a new vlog series you can use to quickly raise security awareness about topics like phishing, SMS/text phishing (smishing), ransomware, and voice phishing (vishing). Our 60 Seconds to Better Security videos — available via our YouTube channel — provide quick-hit, high-level information about key threats organizations and individuals are facing, explaining these topics in terms that the average end user can easily understand.

There’s Still a Need for High-Level Awareness

We’ve cautioned in the past that infosec teams sometimes don’t realize what their users do and do not know about common cybersecurity issues like phishing and ransomware — and our recently published 2018 User Risk Report illustrates this point clearly. We surveyed more than 6,000 working adults across six countries (US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Australia) and found that there is still a considerable knowledge gap with terminology and topics that infosec professionals are likely to consider fundamental to cybersecurity.

URR_PhishingAndRansomwareSource: Wombat Security 2018 User Risk Report

Even in this post-WannaCry, post-NotPetya era, our survey results show that global awareness of ransomware is surprisingly low. Though awareness of phishing is considerably higher, 3 of every 10 working adults still struggle to choose the proper definition of phishing from a multiple-choice list. Which begs the question: If you are talking to your users about phishing and ransomware … do they even know what you’re talking about?


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Six Topics Currently Available … and More to Come

We currently offer six 60 Seconds to Better Security videos on our YouTube channel, including the What Is Phishing? segment embedded below. The other five topics covered are: smishing, ransomware, Internet of Things (IoT), vishing, and business email compromise (BEC) attacks.

These six videos are featured components of our Cybersecurity Heroes campaign for Cybersecurity Awareness Month (get your free resources here), but they — and the additional forthcoming segments — can be used well past October to help raise security awareness year-round.

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