Gretel Egan | February 26, 2019

New Videos Raise Awareness of BEC, Vishing, and Insider Threats

Proofpoint_Blog_SAMJAN_Feb2019Picture it: The CEO’s office, a typical workday. Jan, the resident cat lady, sits poised to receive a scolding for her chronic keyboard-destroying tendencies. Suddenly, her boss is called away to tend to an urgent matter — leaving his computer unlocked.

What happens next is a three-episode story arc that uses humor and real-world situations to inform end users about the risks related to the social engineering techniques and risky behaviors that can lead to successful business email compromise (BEC) attacks.

A New Addition to Our Awareness Video Campaigns

Like our earlier Awareness Video Campaigns, the new “Don’t Be Jan” three-video series provides an entertaining, lighthearted way for organizations to introduce security awareness training and/or to reinforce the concepts end users have already been learning during an ongoing cybersecurity education program.

Each video offers valuable tips but, unlike prior campaigns, the “Don’t Be Jan” episodes build upon one another to tell a larger story — much like seemingly disparate security incidents can compound to create a more complicated (and costly) problem. Organizations can use these videos to raise awareness across job functions and global locations. Each video has been captioned in more than 35 languages, allowing for consistent messaging and reinforcement among all end users.


View our Awareness Video Campaigns


The following three videos are now available to any customer who licenses the Awareness Video Campaigns component of our Security Awareness Materials portfolio:


1. Good Jan, Bad Jan – Highlights risks associated with unlocked PCs and poor password security.


2. The Threat – Illustrates how attackers use social engineering techniques to execute voice phishing (vishing) attacks.


3. The Compromise – Demonstrates how unintentional insider behaviors — at all organizational levels — can lead to credential compromise and wire transfer fraud.


Click here to view samples of the “Don’t Be Jan” episodes and our other security awareness videos.

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