Gretel Egan | August 07, 2018

New 'Password Protection' Security Awareness Training Series

Wombat_Blog_ProductUpdate-1Passwords and account authentication continue to be important defenses for systems and data, and good password hygiene among end users is critical for end-to-end security. In February, we announced our configurable Password Policy security awareness training module, which allows organizations to educate employees based on company-specific policies — an industry first. Now, we have added three new modules to our password training portfolio and incorporated more configuration options to better enable organizations to teach end users the best practices that are essential to protecting accounts and preventing credential compromise.

Four-Module Series Provides Robust Password Training for End Users

Our Password Protection series is designed to give end users a complete, holistic view of account security. The series comprises the following four modules:

  • Beyond Passwords – Teaches how to use passphrases to enhance password security and how to create strong PINs for devices and accounts.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication – Explains the value of multi-factor authentication (MFA) and how to effectively use MFA to safeguard important accounts.
  • Password Management – Configurable module outlines techniques end users can apply to safely and effectively manage their passwords. Organizations can disable content about password managers, should the use of these tools conflict with company policies.
  • Password Policy (newly updated) – Configurable module teaches users to create strong passwords that comply with company policies. New updates provide even more actionable and detailed feedback on user-created practice passwords.

If you are interested in seeing firsthand how these modules operate, you can demo them on our website:

Try the Password Protection modules


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