Gretel Egan | May 15, 2018

Go Behind the Scenes of Our 2018 Beyond the Phish Report

Beyond-The-Phish-SecureWorld-Behind-The-Scenes-InterviewOur 2018 Beyond the Phish® Report provides an in-depth look at end-user cybersecurity knowledge across 12 topics areas and 16 industry segments. Wombat's Amy Baker and Kurt Wescoe recently participated in a SecureWorld Behind the Scenes interview about this unique report. Listen in on the recording below to learn these (and other) valuable insights:

  • Background on the report methodology and why we believe all organizations need to understand end-user risks outside of email-based phishing
  • The importance of well-rounded cybersecurity hygiene among end users
  • Why simulated attacks alone will not adequately prepare employees to deal with the multi-faceted nature of the overall phishing threat
  • How phishing tests and training can be combined to create a stronger last line of defense
  • The advantages of using scenario-based knowledge assessments (like our CyberStrength® tool) to evaluate end-user understanding of a wide range of topics and policies
  • How infosec professionals can apply the results of our research to improve the cybersecurity defenses within their own organizations and industries
  • What organizations should consider when developing and executing a security awareness training program to best reflect their company culture

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