Cybersecurity Heroes Aren't Born...They're Made

Cybersecurity Heroes Aren't Born...They're Made


Phishing continues to be one of the fastest growing and most malicious threats to the security of industries of every kind—from financial organizations to government contractors to healthcare firms. Today’s savvy phisher manages to evade even the most sophisticated technical safeguards through carefully planned, socially-engineered emails that are only getting more advanced.

During this panel, we will discuss key findings from Wombat’s 2018 State of the Phish™ and 2018 Beyond the Phish® Reports. You will gain insight into current vulnerabilities, industry-specific phishing metrics, and emerging threats.

This collection of data is taken from tens of millions of simulated phishing attacks sent through Wombat’s Security Education Platform over a 12-month period; data compiled from nearly 85 million questions asked and answered inside the CyberStrength® Knowledge Assessments and interactive training modules, responses from quarterly surveys of InfoSec professionals; and an international survey of working adults who were queried about social engineering threats and their cybersecurity behaviors.

We will also discuss best practices related to security awareness and training. Our panelists will highlight key components and common threads of some of the most successful programs, and help attendees identify ways to apply new techniques and increase the effectiveness of their own cybersecurity education initiatives.

Jorge Orchilles, SANS Instructor

Gretel Egan, Brand Communications Manager at Wombat Security, a division of Proofpoint
Michael Levin, CEO & Founder, Center for Information Security
Kurt Wescoe, Chief Architect, Wombat Security

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