Wombat's Continuous Security Awareness and Training Methodology

To be most effective, cyber security awareness training must be an ongoing approach to maximize learning and lengthen retention of the learned topics.  The methodology outlined below should be approached as an evolving program that strives towards continuous improvement.  Research and industry results have shown that the current methods of classroom and video training once a year is not effective in the battle against cyber-attack.  A continuous cycle of assessment, evaluation and education has been proven to provide reduced vulnerability and longer retention.

Continuous Training Methodology

Wombat’s Continuous Training Methodology

  1. Assess your organizational knowledge and security vulnerability with holistic assessments and simulated attacks
  2. Deliver just-in-time training and gather powerful analytics on your organization’s strengths and weaknesses
  3. Assign short but in-depth interactive software training modules on topics you need most
  4. Monitor the results of the assessments and training
  5. Reassess and retrain the employees in the areas they need most

When Wombat’s customers have employed our continuous training program they have experienced greater than 80% employee reduction in susceptibility to attack.  

In just minutes, Wombat’s training can reduce your employee’s susceptibility to attack.  The training software is designed to create “teachable moments” where users learn quickly and effectively.  Training is provided in short bursts, focused on key areas.  Users learn by doing and are provided immediate feedback to enhance retention.

Wombat's training software collects user interaction data throughout the training program which allows administrators and security officers to identify organizational weaknesses to target training.

Cyber Security Awareness Training that Breaks Through

Social Engineering Assessments: Safely assess your own employees using real world security attacks. Without proper training, over 50% of your employees will fall for well-crafted phishing emails, text messages or memory device attacks. Our Social Engineering Assessments can help you understand your organization's vulnerability to attacks with a safe, secure, and educational approach.

Interactive Training Software: In just 10 minutes, our interactive software training modules can reduce your organizations susceptibility to attack. Leveraging learning science principles to create "teachable moments", our training has been proven to be more effective than other training methods. Buy the entire suite or choose a few key modules:

  • Email Security
  • Password Management
  • Smartphones
  • Phishing Traps 
  • PHI, PII and PCI-DSS
  • Social Engineering
  • Social Networking
  • Safer Web Browsing
  • URL Training
  • Mobility and Travel
  • Data Protection and Destruction






Our training software is SCORM compliant so it easily integrates into learning management systems. Our interactive training modules are available in the following languages with additional languages being added every month. Inquire about a language that you don't see on this list.

  • Simplified Chinese
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • French 
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean



More Information

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