Proven Employee Cyber Security Assessment and Training Solutions Through Interactive Software

Our Training Methodology 

Built on learning science principles, Wombat’s comprehensive training suite can greatly enhance your organization’s cyber security readiness!  Traditional cyber security classroom training, boring videos and presentations don’t provide the level of retention needed to protect your employees and your organization.  To drive lasting change in employee behavior, security training must be engaging and effective.

Wombat’s proven system for driving lasting behavior change includes:

  1. Assess your organization's security vulnerability
  2. Gather powerful analytics on your organization’s weaknesses
  3. Target training to attack the weaknesses
  4. Provide immediate feedback
  5. Reinforce with short interactive training sessions
  6. Reassess and retrain the employees that need it the most

Based on research by Wombat’s co-founders at world-renowned Carnegie Mellon University, Wombat’s interactive software training solutions can reduce your employee's susceptibility to security attacks by over 70%!  In just minutes, Wombat’s training can reduce your employee’s susceptibility to attack.  The training software is designed to create “teachable moments” where users learn quickly and effectively.  Training is provided in short bursts, focused on key areas.  Users learn by doing and are provided immediate feedback to enhance retention.

Wombat's training software includes extensive tracking and reporting capabilities which allow administrators and security officers to identify organizational weaknesses to target training.

Cyber Security Awareness Training that Breaks Through

Attack Simulations: Safely phish your own employees using real world security attacks. Without proper training, over 50% of your employees will fall for well-crafted phishing emails. PhishGuru can assess your organization's vulnerability to phishing attacks with a safe, secure, and user friendly interface.

Interactive Training Software: In just 10 minutes, our interactive software training modules can reduce your organizations susceptibility to attack. Leveraging learning science principles to create "teachable moments", our training has been proven to be more effective than other training methods. Buy the entire suite or choose a few key modules:






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