SmishGuru Smishing Attack Simulation Service

Assess and change employee behavior by simulating text message phishing attacks

Teach Employees to Recognize and Avoid Smishing Attacks

SmishGuru™ is Wombat’s latest Social Engineering Assessment. This software-as-a-service product is the first and only solution that enables security officers to send simulated smishing attacks to their users’ mobile phones to assess their susceptibility and simultaneously train them how to avoid real attacks.

Similar to our PhishGuru® and USBGuru™ solutions, each person who falls for a mock smishing attack experiences a powerful teachable moment, when they receive just-in-time a training message that tells them what they did wrong and what to do to avoid real attacks. Security officers can select and customize the type of attack they want to send, and the training the employee will receive if they fall for the simulated attack. Creating these attacks is easy to do, making training quick and simple for security officers.

Click the image below to watch the SmishGuru video.

SmishGuru video

What can SmishGuru do for you?

  • Mitigate the risk your organization faces due to the use of cellphones, tablets and other popular devices used by employees

  • Protect corporate networks from Malware, Spyware and other malicious software

  • Understand which employees are most susceptible to these attacks and who should receive additional training

  • Provide a teachable moment that ensures employees will follow company policy and only use mobile devices approved by their IT department

  • Increase acceptance of security awareness training



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