Security Beyond the Office -- Keeping business information secure at home and on the road

Work Securely from Anywhere

In today’s 24 x 7 x 365 world, employees need to be productive wherever they are. However, there are significant risks involved in connecting to the Internet with company or personal devices on networks outside the office. Employees need to make informed decisions about how and where they enter a password or access company confidential information.

Developed using Wombat’s unique training methodology combining learning science principles and cyber security expertise, Wombat’s Security Beyond the Office will explain the risks and teach the key concepts of working safely outside the office. Our software-based security awareness training provides users with practical advice in a training session that takes less than 10 minutes. When employees make a mistake, or answer correctly, they learn why – immediately – thereby reinforcing learning and lengthening retention. 

The Security Beyond the Office training module teaches employees how to use WiFi and public computers securely, how to protect confidential information, and best practices for physically securing laptops and tablet computers while outside the office.

Security Beyond the Office Learning Objectives

Understand how to use free WiFi safely

Learn the risks of using public computers

Safeguard company and personal equipment and information at home and on the road


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Wombat Core Features and Benefits

  • Engaging and interactive training increases end user participation
  • Learning science principles ensure users learn key concepts and retain content much longer
  • Short training modules are focused and respectful of busy schedules
  • Training modules based upon scientific research in cyber security and learning science
  • Cost effective - likely to cost less than your current training


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