Safer Web Browsing

Stay safe on the Internet by avoiding risky behavior and common traps

Recently The Fund for America’s Studies asked the question, “Would you give up the Internet for a million dollars?” The repeated answer, ”You couldn’t pay me enough”.  The Internet is clearly an integral part of everyone’s lives, therefore it is critically important to ensure that computer users everywhere, especially at the office, browse the Internet safely. 

Rather than training employees with tedious videos or PowerPoint presentations that you hope relay lasting information to users, Wombat’s training modules have been shown to actually change user behavior. 

Wombat’s Safer Web Browsing training module explains the risks and teaches the key concepts of safer browsing to employees, including how to:

Identify browser content versus website content
• Avoid malicious pop-ups that look like software downloads or virus warnings
• Recognize the difference between legitimate and malicious URLs
• Understand the importance of logging out of sites and auto-complete risks 
• Spot other Internet scams 

In less than 10 minutes your employees will learn to make the right decisions when browsing the internet.  Browse through the tabs below to learn more about how Wombat’s approach is proven effective and why we are the right choice for your organizations training needs. 


Safer Web Browsing Video

Wombat Core Features and Benefits

  • Engaging and interactive training increases end user participation
  • Learning science principles ensure users learn key concepts and retain content much longer
  • Short training modules are focused and respectful of busy schedules
  • Training modules based upon scientific research in cyber security and learning science
  • Cost effective - likely to cost less than your current training



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