PhishPatrol: A Purpose-built Anti-Phishing Email Filter That Catches Significantly More Phish

Add PhishPatrol to strengthen the effectiveness of your email filters

Wombat’s PhishPatrol® is a purpose-built anti-phishing email filter that enhances your organization’s email security by catching significantly more phishing emails than leading anti-spam/anti-virus software.

The predictive technology within PhishPatrol utilizes a multi-layered architecture where each layer analyzes emails based upon collections of contextual attributes that are commonly found in phishing attacks. Contextual attributes analyzed by the filter range from structural email elements, linguistic features and reputation mechanisms all the way to deeper characteristics which capture the finer context of an email.

What can PhishPatrol do for you?

Catch the majority of phishing emails missed by anti-spam and anti-virus filters

Identify zero hour attacks with Wombat’s cutting-edge predictive technology

Limit employee exposure to all phishing attacks, even spear phish

You don’t have to worry about PhishPatrol catching legitimate emails while it is catching more phish. Your effective false positive rate will stay the same.

Wombat offers multiple deployment options to fit your unique needs. You can deploy the solution as a virtual appliance or anti-spam plugin.

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