PhishGuru: Assess and Train Your Employees using Simulated Phishing Attacks

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To help increase end user awareness of phishing threats, we are offering one free employee phishing assessment campaign. You will receive analytics and reporting to analyze employee responses. Find out right away how susceptible your employees are to phishing attacks.

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 What does PhishGuru do?

  • Sends phishing emails to your employees safely and easily
  • Creates a unique teachable moment when an employee falls for a simulated attack
  • Uses this moment to teach the employee how not to fall for future attacks
  • Provides four different customizable training options to meet your unique needs
  • Gathers actionable data to finely target future employee training

PhishGuru Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Now Available!

Scientific studies show that employees don’t pay attention to classroom or video security training and they don’t retain the information learned. That’s why PhishGuru is uniquely effective. PhishGuru lets you assess and train your employees by sending simulated phishing emails. When an employee falls for the simulated attack, it creates a unique “teachable moment” when employees are open to learning.  Employees are immediately presented with training that explains what happened and how to avoid similar attacks in the future. PhishGuru enables administrators to select from four different training options: 

  • Single panel cartoon training
  • Web redirect to internal training
  • Fully customizable landing page training
  • Multi-panel illustrated training (with the actual phishing email received by the employee embedded in the training)

PhishGuru includes extensive analytics and reporting, enabling cyber security professionals to analyze employee responses to various attack scenarios.  The latest version of PhishGuru also reveals whether an employee fell for an attack through a mobile phone, a tablet, or their computer, and specifically what type of device or browser they were using.

You can reduce the chance of employees falling for an attack by 60% with just one mock phishing attack.   Administrators and security officers collect powerful information to assess where their organizations are most vulnerable.

You can choose from a variety of customizable phishing email templates with fake malicious attachments, phishing links and data entry pages.

PhishGuru wins PC Magazaine’s Editor’s Choice Award for anti-phishing products.

Free Phishing Simulation Campaign!



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