PhishGuru: Assess and Motivate Your Employees using Simulated Phishing Attacks

 What does PhishGuru do?

  • Sends mock phishing emails to your employees safely and easily
  • Creates a unique teachable moment when an employee falls for a simulated attack
  • Uses this moment to teach the employee how not to fall for future attacks
  • Provides four different customizable training options to meet your unique needs
  • Gathers actionable data to finely target future employee training

PhishGuru lets you assess your employees by sending them mock phishing emails. You can choose from a variety of customizable phishing email templates with fake malicious attachments, phishing links and data entry pages.

With our Advanced Scheduling feature you can select the days of the week and hours of a day that mock phishing emails can be sent randomly to their list of end users. Spreading out the email distribution times, and randomizing the recipients, reduces the chances that employees can figure out they are being targets of mock attacks.  Using Advanced Scheduling, end users are less aware of the mock attacks other colleagues are receiving which means security officers can get a clean view of their susceptibility to attack.

When an employee falls for the mock attack, it creates a unique “teachable moment”. Employees are immediately presented with a 10 second message that explains what happened and how to avoid similar attacks in the future. PhishGuru enables administrators to select from four different "teachable moment" options: 

  • Single panel cartoon training
  • Multi-panel illustrated training (with the actual phishing email received by the employee embedded in the training)
  • Web redirect to internal training
  • Fully customizable landing page training

What happens after they fall for the mock attack?

Falling for the mock attack awakens the employee to their vulnerability and motivates them to take follow-up interactive training. For that reason we've added and Auto-enrollment feature to PhishGuru that a unique feature that sends a training assignment email immediately after an employee falls for a mock attack. This integration between mock attacks and interactive training has been proven to increase training completion rates five to tenfold.

PhishGuru Reporting

PhishGuru includes extensive analytics and reporting, enabling cyber security professionals to analyze employee responses to various attack scenarios.  PhishGuru also reveals whether an employee fell for an attack through a mobile phone, a tablet, or their computer, and specifically what type of device or browser they were using and in what part of the world.

PhishGuru won a PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award for anti-phishing products.

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