Effective and Measurable Compliance Training for Everyone

You don’t want just any-old training, your job is to ensure you’ve minimized risk. You need to show employee behavior change. Wombat Security Technologies has a proven training methodology that Assesses and Trains end users and Measures their behavior change. Until recently, our training methodology has been focused on cyber security topics, but it is now being applied to compliance topics. Governance, Risk management, and Compliance (GRC) officers can rest assured that their employees are truly learning how to be compliant, not just guessing at quiz answers to get a certificate.

Wombat's Training Modules Include

Protected Health Information (PHI)

Interactive training to educate employees why and how theyshould safeguard PHI to meet HIPAA, HITECH and Omnibus compliance regulations.Users will learn about, PHI identifiers, mandates that cover PHI compliance,primary components of compliance, and best practices for using, disclosing,transmitting, and storing PHI.

Payment Card Information Training Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Training

Teach employees how to recognize dangers and improve the overall security of credit card data. We offer a PCI Manager module and a PCI Employee module to train people in different roles. Users will learn to understand PCI-DSS requirements, identify PCI-DSS compliance, manage records and accounts as well as to recognize and act upon security breaches.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Training

This module teaches employees the best practices for handling, storing, and sharing PII. They will learn the different types of PII, Guidelines for identifying, collecting, and handling PII, the fundamental actions to take in the event of a PII breach as well as tips and techniques for improving overall security associated with PII. 

Data Protection and Destruction

Teach employees how to protect themselves when using portable storage devices and how to properly discard sensitive data. They will learn the different types of portable electronic devices and removable storage media, the pros and cons associate with these devices and media, best practices for securing your data and how to securely dispose of your data

Why Choose Wombat for Compliance Training?

  • Cloud-based Security Training Platform gives you all the tools you need to deploy a continuous cycle of evaluation and training
  • Software based training modules are interactive, engaging and less than 10 minutes long
  • Employees practice concepts as they learn and get immediate feedback, which lengthens retention
  • Data collected during employee training sessions can be aggregated to understand areas of compliance strength or weakness
  • Unlimited-use subscription means you can assign assessment and training as needed throughout the year, not just annually


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Compliance Training Series Video

Wombat Core Features and Benefits

  • Engaging and interactive training increases end user participation
  • Learning science principles ensure users learn key concepts and retain content much longer
  • Short training modules are focused and respectful of busy schedules
  • Training modules based upon scientific research in cyber security and learning science
  • Cost effective - likely to cost less than your current training


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