Anti-Phishing Phyllis teaches your employees how to avoid cyber security traps in emails

  • Interactive security training games provide retainable training results
  • Train your employees how to identify cyber security traps within emails
  • Interactive game provides instant feedback when a threat is assessed incorrectly
  • Analytics gathers actionable data about the types of traps that fool your employees

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Anti-Phishing Phyllis is a 10-minute training game that teaches employees to spot phishing traps in emails, including fake links, malicious attachments, enticing offers, and time bound requests.  Anti-Phishing Phyllis includes an extensive collection of randomized legitimate and fraudulent emails exposing employees to multiple forms of malicious attacks.

Anti-Phishing Phyllis is a learning aid that makes learning effective, memorable, and enjoyable.  The training guides employees through sections of emails that may or not pose security threats. The interactive sections provide instantaneous training to the employee when they are assessed incorrectly. By providing immediate feedback, our training leverages “teachable moments” making it more effective than conventional training methods.

Easy to deploy, Anti-Phishing Phyllis offers extensive reporting functionality, enabling administrators to target future training by identifying traps that are particularly enticing to employees. Anti-Phishing Phyllis is deployed on your intranet and can be customized with your organization’s branding or industry specific URLs. 

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